Pixeltec Diagnostics P/L is a highly specialised sales, marketing and service organisation focused on scientific and industrial diagnostics solutions. Pixeltec offers a new generation of tailored solutions and services with a comprehensive range of components and fully integrated diagnostics systems for a wide range of applications.
Pixeltec provides a wide range of specialised equipment including lasers, flow visualisation systems, digital imagers and thermal validation solutions. Our areas of expertise are in fundamental scientific research, industrial manufacturing, food and pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging. Call us for assistance on your specific requirements today.
Pixeltec's business focus is to provide tailored diagnostics solutions and services to the Australasian scientific research and industrial communities. Unlike most distributors that dilute their business across many suppliers, Pixeltec is dedicated to providing the best possible services by strategically capitalising on the benefits of specialisation with specific industry partners. We are highly focused, experienced, and committed to working with you and helping you obtain the best possible results in your applications; without compromise. This is our pledge. Pixeltec is your partner for progress.